Food or alcohol being served?

If food and alcohol will be served the need for washrooms increases exponentially. While most people recognize the need for washroom facilities, the need for hand washing is often overlooked but equally important.– Are permanent toilet facilities available and easily accessible?

It is important to know whether or not the existing facilities are adequate in both capacity and accessibility. If the event is large and being held in an outdoor venue, restrooms should be clearly marked, easy to get to and use, as well as in adequate numbers for the amount of guests. If the event is held at a residence, consider the amount of traffic through the home to use the permanent facilities.

Are the permanent toilet facilities served by a septic system?

When usage of a septic system is expected to increase dramatically, portable washrooms are recommended to avoid any type of emergency.

Will there be guests with special needs or young children in attendance?

Those with special needs and parents with children will benefit from units that provide extra space.

We can help you plan any event and provide solutions for any considerations you may need.


When planning the placement of your temporary restroom, it’s important to consider the following:

Location: The location should be easily accessible for a truck to unload the restroom. The site should also be dry and level so the truck will not get stuck and the restroom will not sink or become unbalanced. If the ground is saturated, it may be best to locate the portable toilet on the street or driveway instead.

Placement: Carefully consider the size of the unit you have chosen. Add to the measurement to ensure proper placement. If the unit chosen is a trailer, consider what will be adjacent to it when it is being delivered and maneuvered by a truck to fit in to the space. Discuss any constraints carefully with your account executive. Don’t leave out any detail, as it could have an effect on the success of placement.

Service: Service vehicles must have access to the site and be able maneuver as close as possible to the units to perform the service.

*Note: High levels of noise and smell are produced when pumping out units. This may be unpleasant for your guests and services should be scheduled accordingly.

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When browsing for a temporary restroom for your event, keep style and decor in mind. Most of our restrooms are fairly neutral but small touches can be added to personalize and enhance the ambiance of your event.

For a wedding, you can provide guests with a restroom accessory basket lined with colored fabric to coordinate with your wedding colors.

Place a small coordinating floral arrangement inside the restroom for an upscale look.

Potpourri and scented sachets add a light fragrance and elevate the senses.

A large potted garden arrangement placed outside of the restroom can help guide guests towards the entry door, as well as hide any undesirable exterior features.


There are many factors to consider when deciding the number of units needed. This chart offers a rough estimate based on an even ratio of men to women and no scheduled service during the event.

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  • Portable toilets can typically handle 400 uses.
  • The average person uses the washroom every 2-3 hours.
  • For certain events washroom usage rarely averages out. Instead there are peak times(during intermissions or after meals). A sufficient number of units should be provided to account for this.
  • Men take half as long as Women to use the washroom. When using gender specific units there should be a 2:3 ratio in favor of Women.
  • Placing sinks outside of units is a great way minimize line-ups.
  • Insure that is an appropriate amount of garbage receptacles available, otherwise garbage can end up in the units themselves.


  • How Many units do I need?
  • Are luxury units needed?
  • Do I require wheelchair accessible units?
  • Can units be delivered and picked up a few days before and after the event?
  • Will a food preparation sink be needed?
  • For trailer units, do I have the adequate power hookups?
  • Is the ground level?
  • Is there a need for servicing throughout the event?