Monosan Regulation Unit

“Upscale features provide an inviting atmosphere for your site.”

Exceeding the level of comfort provided by conventional portable washrooms, the VIP MonoSan offers upscale amenities, natural lighting, and fresh water flushing toilets in a completely self contained unit.

The exterior is made of a durable thermoplastic called MonoPan®. This state of the art material allows natural light to fill the inside of the unit while still remaining extremely durable.

For high end special events that require more refined facilities, the VIP MonoSan raises the standard. With 30 percent more space than other portable restrooms, fresh water sink and toilet, and a full vanity including mirror, the VIP MonoSan fits in at special events or anywhere fresh water is needed.

Servicing is performed on-site by our trained technicians and includes the cleaning of the restroom, removal of waste from the tank and restocking of supplies as required. We offer flexible service intervals to suit your schedule whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly or any other frequency. Our technicians document all service stops inside the restroom for your review and convenience.



  • External 64″ X 54″ X 90″
  • Waste Capacity 40 gallons
  • Fresh water capacity 41.4 gallons


  • Fresh water flush tank with seat
  • Oversized urinal to help maintain cleanliness
  • Sink
  • Paper Towel
  • Soap
  • Heater (during winter months)


  • A salt water brine is placed in the unit to avoid freeze up


  • Fresh water flush unit
  • Fresh water sink with soap & paper towels
  • Water pump urinal
  • Angled vents to help keep precipitation out of toilet
  • Constructed with MononPan, a honeycomb composite panel. These panels are translucent, allowing natural light to filter through
  • unit has an isolating factor for the winter


  • Emptying the waste
  • Refilling the fresh water
  • Refilling the soap, paper towel and toilet paper
  • Washing the toilet and floor
  • Client is responsible for the disposal of garbage