“This unit is the only solution for mid floor work.”

The Hi Rise model is configured to be our most portable unit and is mainly
used for high rise construction. The Hi rise is able to fit in construction elevators or through standard doorways and is required on every second floor of a high rise by the Ministry of Labour.

The Hi-rise is built on solid steel casters and includes a sling to allow lifting by crane.
This unit consists of an enclosed toilet for privacy and an exterior urinal.

Servicing is performed on-site by our trained technicians and includes the cleaning of the restroom, removal of waste from the tank and restocking of supplies as required. We offer flexible service intervals to suit your schedule whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly or any other frequency.

Our technicians document all service stops inside the restroom for your review and convenience.

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  • External 61″ X 35″ X 91″
  • Weight 287lbs
  • Waste Capacity 38 gallons


  • Non-flush tank with seat
  • Oversized urinal in the rear to help maintain cleanliness
  • Hand sanitizer


  • A salt water brine is placed in the unit to avoid freeze up


  • Non-flush static unit
  • Comes with crane hook or fits in an elevator
  • Heavy duty casters


  • Emptying the waste
  • Filling the hand sanitizer
  • Washing the toilet and floor
  • Client is responsible for the disposal of garbage